Enjoy dental hygiene and periodontal health education with Dugan Family Dentistry PA

Dr. Steve Dugan knows the importance of a healthy smile, including a smile free from periodontal disease and tooth decay. When problems arise, our team is here to help and can provide a wide range of periodontal health and dental hygiene recommendations. We can assist if you need tips on brushing and flossing teeth or are due for an oral cancer screening!

What the team at Dugan Family Dentistry PA can do for your oral health

Patients who present in our office with specific issues such as bleeding gums or tooth sensitivity will first undergo a thorough evaluation with our team. We screen for conditions such as oral cancer, tooth decay, infection, and disease. Once a patient has a proper diagnosis of their condition, they work with Dr. Dugan to determine the best course of treatment. Our team will do whatever we can to get your smile back to health, whether it’s a gingivitis treatment or periodontal therapy. This may include the need for dental x-rays and education on how to care for the smile–to keep problems from recurring.

What services do I need to improve my oral health and wellness?

An examination with Dr. Dugan will help him determine the most effective solutions for bringing the smile back to health. Our professionals work alongside patients to help them understand their conditions and find the most suitable solution to address them. We want our patients to better understand what needs to be done and why so they fully comprehend the importance of specific dental treatments and recommendations.

Learn more about the care and attention of a healthy smile!

Dr. Steve Dugan and his team in Wichita, KS, are committed to ensuring patients have access to quality care. If you want to learn more about the benefits of scaling and root planing for gingivitis or periodontal disease treatment, connect with our team today. The office is located at 7405 West Central Avenue and is open to new patients and families who call (316) 669-4838 for appointments. We invite you to connect with our team today!