Dental extraction services

There are times when a dentist may need to remove a tooth manually. At Dugan Family Dentistry of Wichita, Kansas, patients can learn more about the many ways a tooth can be extracted and when dental extractions may be necessary.

Types of tooth extractions

  • Wisdom tooth extraction. The wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the final teeth to cut through the gums to complete the smile. However, they tend to become impacted or may contribute to the development of periodontal disease. Wisdom tooth extraction may be surgical or simple, depending on whether or not the tooth has erupted in place.
  • Emergency tooth removal. When a tooth is significantly damaged or infected, it may need to be extracted by a dentist during an emergency tooth removal. Dr. Steve Dugan will try to save the tooth with treatments such as root canal therapy whenever possible.
  • Infected tooth extraction. If an infected tooth cannot be saved with endodontic treatment, the tooth will need to be removed. Afterward, patients can work with their dentist to discuss possible replacement options with bridges, dentures, or dental implants.
  • Tooth removal before orthodontic work. Patients who will be undergoing orthodontic work and have issues such as overcrowding may want to work with our team of professionals to have one or more teeth removed. This allows the dentist to make extra room to realign the remaining teeth and complete the bite restoration.
  • Dentures following tooth removal. If significant tooth loss or damage has occurred and patients are considering complete dentures, the remaining teeth may be removed before creating full dentures. This is a way of preparing for dental restorations to restore the function and appearance of the smile.

During an evaluation with Dr. Dugan, you can ask questions about each treatment and determine which is most appropriate for a patient’s unique needs.

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